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We are a dedicated team of creative designers who specialises in providing outstanding design services for retail, commercial, residential and leisure spaces.


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Hougang - Apartment


While looking at many DISTINCTidENTITY's renovation works through instagram and their website, we appreciated the fact that they were not common. Our interior designer Tanya convinced us, as she understood our design needs and aligned with the team.

The company's professionalism and efficiency is what set them apart, Tanya is pleasant and talented while the boss was also very involved.

We will surely recommend the excellent experience with DISTINCTidENTITY as they were extremely transparent (no hidden costs).

Jurong West - Apartment


The fact that DISTINCTidENTITY has worked on an amount of great design projects was what attracted us in the beginning. Upon meeting the team, there was a mutual understanding of what we wanted and they would offer the right solutions.

We felt that DISTINCTidENTITY has a style which resonates with us. It has a personality which is unique. Working with the designers was fun, we really liked the sense of humor exhibited and the fact that every project has a name and logo. We also appreciate the after handover service, like fixing the leakages and touch ups. My favorite features of the house are the balcony canopy and the glass stair case. I would recommend the company to friends who share similar appreciation for quality work at fair pricing.

Dover Rise - Private Apartment


DISTINCTidENTITY caught our attention and gained our trust through its past projects and good feedbacks. Working alongside their designer was a smooth experience and I would recommend their service to others.

Chai Chee - Apartment


After visiting many different iDs, we found that DISTINCTidENTITY's design ideas were complementary to our style of living, and was the only one that gave us assurance that they could realize our ideal home.

The company had many great reviews, but what impressed us was the never-say-cannot attitude when it comes to ideas/inspirations. We are very picky with our design ideas, but Mei Yee has shown the highest levels of professionalism and patience in dealing with our opinions and does her best in accommodating our needs and wants.

We would recommend DISTINCTidENTITY as we set out to have a timeless designed home that doesn't look like a typical HDB flat.

From the beginning we were very impressed with DISTINCTidENTITY's past projects and vast experiences in resale HDB projects. Especially when we saw the before/after transformation featured in magazines.

After meeting up, our requirements were followed, the conceptual design was up to our expectations and the quotation provided was clear, detailed and transparent.

We felt we could trust DISTINCTidENTITY  based on the efforts put into conceptualizing the design and the advices given to work within the budget, but at the same time around our own style.

Working with our designer has been smooth, very attentive and always available to recommend/give advice throughout the whole renovation process. Any challenge and issues were all settled promptly.

We would recommend DISTINCTidENTITY to others, overall we are very satisfied with the outcome. We are so grateful for the efforts put in by the whole team to help us achieve our dream home.

Potong Pasir -  Apartment

Dakota -  Private Apartment


Highly recommended by a friend, I was pleased by the service experience, from the swift follow up to the flexibility and helpfulness. Added to the service experience was the positive attitude of the designer which can be described as a 'happy journey'.

I will recommend the company without a doubt! My favorite features are the kitchen island and the cabinet design. I would add that the details in the washroom can be improved but overall it's excellent work!

Woodleigh - Apartment


Thank you so much Ambika and team, the work was conducted very diligently and without any delay. We are very happy with the quality of the work and delivery, as well as the responsiveness of the team throughout. Ambika's attention to our questions, ability to assist and follow up were much appreciated. All questions could b sorted out promptly and solutions found consistently. We are very happy with the renovation and highly recommend Distinctidentity team for their professionalism.


Ocean Front, Sentosa -  Private Apartment


DISTINCTidENTITY has provided interior design services to several of my homes and their impressive work has led me to continue entrusting them with our recent renovations. The consistent quality and delivery of work over the years, relationship with the very committed interior designer - a very friendly and patient designer who is able to handle tough requests . My favourite feature in the house is the bar counter/swivel dining. Working with Mei Yee has been an awesome experience. The team provided frank and thorough opinions, while helping us identify and build up our own style. They have a gifted sense of aesthetics and we cannot be more pleased with the results. DISTINCTidENTITY have been extremely attentive, detail oriented and responsive. Quality time was spent to ensure that our needs and tastes were understood. Everything that has recommended and procured for us has been perfect for our home.

Tampines - Private Apartment


Initially attracted by the unique designs, the quality of the presentation and professionalism of our designer convinced us to entrust and engage DISTINCTidENTITY for our renovation. Our favourite features are the living room’s feature wall, the dry and wet kitchens and the bar counter. Overall our experience would be summarized as professional, efficient and dedicated, and we will recommend the company.

West Coast -  Private Apartment


Appealed by  the simplicity and workmanship of the carpenters I decided to engage DISTINCTidENTITY as they provided professional services catered to my needs and gave appropriate recommendations when needed. The standard procedures and teamwork make the company feel more organized and structured when carrying out the work schedules.I like the bedroom open cabinet where I can display my favourite items. I will definitely recommend them, it is a great company to work with throughout the whole renovation process.

We used Distinctidentity a few years ago for a TV console cabinet and were impressed by the professionalism, quality of work and after sales service.  We decided to work with them to renovate our 20+year old home, and are glad we did.   They have met and exceeded our expectations. Our home is now transformed into a modern, comfortable, functional and beautiful sanctuary.

Ambika, our ID, is a professional - dedicated, reliable and a good listener.  She listens, observes (during her visits to our home) to understand our needs - spoken and unspoken.  She checks back with us, and then leverages her professional and expert advice to give constructive and useful information to help us make our decisions.  She is well supported by the team - Steve, SK and the work crew are on site to supervise and coordinate the works.  We started with a plan for the balcony, dining and kitchen areas, and despite that we added more works to include plastering the walls of the entire house, bathroom and other improvements - all the works were carried out satisfactorily and completed within the timeframe and budget.  A few times we changed our minds about details, and they would always accommodate where they could.  There is a lot of care and initiative shown by the team,  suggestions by Ambika and Steve that added value to what we wanted, such as the bathroom fittings, accessories, cabinet finishings, measurement, layout, etc, that we could only discover during the work process.   Our home with all the contents in a live-in condition required much planning  and they did it!  The after sales service and support remains responsive and reliable.

Bishan -  Apartment

Toa Payoh -  Private Apartment


Lucas Choo, our designer, is young and energetic.  He has great taste and understood our design choice straightaway.  He is also very detail in his work during renovation, not allowing anything that is substandard.  We relied very much on his expertise when choosing our furniture.  We feel we must get his go ahead before we bought anything in order not to spoil the overall design that he designed and we loved.  And he was always quick to reply, even during sundays, holidays and midnights (our apologies).  The eventual result speaks for itself, perfect for a magazine.

As a designer, he gave us our design work in three days, as my hubby was going overseas.  We were expecting a draft, as we were still shopping around, instead he gave us a complete slideshow of all the possible outcomes and many possibilities that he took from magazines or such.  It gave us inspiration to move forward, and we had plenty of ideas.  His choices were spot on, for the rooms, for the bath, for the living hall etc.  It was then that the deal is somewhat sealed, even before the quotation.   He went a step further proposing the kind of material look that we can consider, with the sample slabs that he showed us on the same day. Everything was so surreal.  When you heard of so many renovation horror stories.

The budget was met exactly as what was signed, the design was delivered to a T and above expectation.  As the company insists on quality renovation, their pricing is not at the low end, but the quality is quite assured.   And, with the right designer that can deliver the taste, the overall renovation experience is certainly a breeze.

We love our house tremendously.  All our individual preferences are well catered for.  Thank you, Lucas.  I know you will have a very bright future ahead with your Design talent.  All the best.

Outram -  Private Apartment


We saw some of Distinctidentity works in magazines, and noticed one of our friend’s house was featured. Also noticed/recognised come of the apartments from my neighborhood, so the level of transformation before-after was impressive enough for us to reach out and contact them. We spoke to a total of 7 ID firms, and Distinctidentity’s ID is the one that has the most clear vision/idea for our home. It also helped that she was very passionate and excited to take on our project. Some ID firms we approach were fully focus on offering a budget offering or high end one, with very little room to explore options. Our ID showed us options as to how we can splurge or save depending on our preference. They are also very talented and passionate with very skilled and experienced carpenters. And a very good working relationship with various sub-cons, make us feel like it is a solid and dependable team. Meiyee was passionate and energetic while providing good customer service.  All the trimming proposed by the designer was our  favourite feature in the house. We love it so much it is everywhere, and it really gave our home a unique and classy look. We definitely will recommend Distinctidentity to others because generally very impressed by ID and the whole team. I hope Distinctidentity can grow and be even better in the years ahead with more knowledge and experience when I get them to do my next renovation.


Kembangan - Landed House

We are returning to Distinctidentity because we had very good experiences in working with them personally on our previous 2 properties since year 2007.

Rachel was our designer for our 3-storey, land size 2400sqft terrace house, and we had to start from scratch to design our terrace house, from layout (3 floors), overall design, flooring, cabinets, painting, windows, lights, gates, etc… The final project was within my budget, it was also within my timeline and delivered few weeks earlier to us - before chinese new year. The renovation workmanship and service was very good, prompt, any issues were rectified very promptly, we even had few changes during the renovation and Steve promptly agreed to those changes - that is the reason why i am returning to Distinctidentity for the 3rd time. We could not ask for more or suggest any improvements from Distinctidentity, i will come back to them again and recommend to my friends for their professionalism and service.

Thanks for the great work!

Bukit Batok -  Private Apartment


We were attracted to Distinctidentity as the design seems fresh and well-thought out and yet there’s an identity that is unique to the firm. The young owner and designers who are easy to talk to and presented the film well. We finally selected Distinctidentity after comparing a few factors like design, materials, ease of communication and ability to understand our needs and match our vision of how we want our home to be. Each project, while clearly iconic of the firm’s style and taste, is seldom repetitive in design and able to portray or capture the essence of the various home owners/ property. Commitment level of designer is also impressive, even before we start work with the firm. It was fuss-free and most importantly based on trust. We were able to trust the firm to deliver what we want without much hiccups and based on prior discussions. Challenges and issues were settled promptly and we were informed reliably. Our views and opinions were respected and we were totally involved in all decision making. Designer was able to totally commit and very helpful in coming up with practical solutions. The living room and kitchen including service balcony are our favourite feature in our home. We definitely will recommend Distinctidentity to others because the fresh design and the genuine people who are really sincere. Their after sales services are also impressive! Thank you Distinctidentity to help us achieve our dream home.


Jurong East -  Private Apartment

I am writing this review to show my appreciation to Lucas Choo and the team from Distinct Identity for being integral in helping us fulfil our vision of our dream home.

The concept of our space is a rather abstract one – A space that exudes the homeowner’s sense of wanderlust, while maintaining an old world charm in its design elements. Each of the sub-spaces in the house must be a statement in itself, yet collectively achieving a coherent and consistent design language throughout the entire house.

It was indeed challenging for us to articulate such a design concept, much less to say appointing the right firm to take on this project. We ended up meeting around 20 firms just to make sure that we have the right person, right price and right attitude.

Through a friend’s recommendation, we got acquainted with Lucas of Distinct Identity. Our initial discussion on space planning took us numerous drafts and weekends to decide on the final design. What we really appreciated was the fact that Lucas was patient, willing to listen, and most importantly, responsive to our queries and requirements.

You might have heard that usually the final bill for one’s renovation will be higher than its initial quotation, but my experience with Lucas was the reverse - the final bill came up to be lesser than our initial one! In fact, the final product looked so much better as Lucas was able to explore various cost effective options, give sound advice on the sustainability and feasibility of certain works. At no point, we felt that he was trying to make us expand our budget or hard sell us into buying accessories and fixtures from certain ‘partner’ stores. We really felt his sincerity and responsibility right from the start of the renovation to the hand-over. In fact, even after the project hand-over, he is still responsive in rectifying certain issues at no extra cost.

In my opinion, to execute the vision of another person’s dream home does not just lie with the ID alone. At the end of the day, it is a joint effort between the home-owner and the ID and his team. I am glad that the trust and rapport that we have built throughout this 9 months have allowed us to work seamlessly to bring this abstraction into reality. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise that in the course of these 9 months, we were also blessed with 2 new additions to our family. Kudos to Lucas and his team at Distinct Identity, they were able to make readjustments, re-designing and re-rendering to ensure that the space is conducive for our newly minted family members.

The pictures alone doesn’t do justice to the hardwork, soul and sense of ownership that Lucas and his team has put in. I hope I can use this review to acknowledge his hard work and show our appreciation to him for being an important part of our family’s milestone!

East Coast -  Private Apartment


It was very pleasant working with Lucas.  He listens well and understands my needs according to my lifestyle.  He is meticulous to stay on track with the renovation time line so that it can be completed in time.  He spent time to consider the layout of the apartment so that we can maximize the space and also look visually appealing.  He has been helpful when I need help after renovation, this is much appreciated.

Bartley -  Private Apartment


The designer and team were attentive to every minor detail and eventual completion of the project. In all, I'm very satisfied with the quality of work done for the price that I paid and the services that were rendered. Well done!

Bukit Batok - Apartment


The designer was able to help us to design our home according to our requirements as well as recommending what kind of furnitures to buy. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service.

Kembangan - Landed House


Architect and Designer is very design oriented,very efficient and responsive. Understand my wants and needs, interesting concept proposed. Details and timeline is well thought through and executed.

Macpherson - Apartment


Designer is very helpful and understood our needs well. Quality of carpentry works is fantastic. No major issues after close to 1 year of heavy usage.